C2850 Information

The LOADRITE™ C2850 is an advanced conveyor belt weighing system designed in particular for rugged industries like aggregate, construction, scrap metal recycling and mining. It is the ideal tool for monitoring inventory, production output and product load out, while providing essential data management tools to drive productivity and machine performance decisions. The C2850 is designed and engineered to the highest LOADRITE™ standards. The design is agile and rugged, consistently providing highly accurate weighing results.

The C2850 scale consists of four main components: The load cells, scale frame, speed sensor and an integrator which processes the signal from the conveyor belt scale. The load cells react to vertical forces, giving an accurate weight, while the belt speed is monitored by the speed sensor. The weight and speed signals are electronically converted to a digital weight, which appears on the display in pounds, kilograms or tonnes per hour.

A range of connectivity options like Modbus, 4-20mA to a PLC, Ethernet and printer make it very versatile for data transfer and integration into an existing communication infrastructure providing the best solution for our customers.


Scale Frame (Weigh Bridges)

Scale Frame F11 : Designed for mobile crushers and screeners (150kg load cell)
Scale Frame F12 : Designed for standard conveyor belts (150kg load cell)
Scale Frame F13 :Designed for conveyors with chain idlers (250kg load cell)
Scale Frame F14 :Designed for high performance conveyors where accuracy is most critical (150kg, 250kg and 500kg load cells) 

Data Management

Ethernet (wired and wireless) :Cost effective method for live data monitoring
Modem :Cellular and radio modem options
Analogue Signal Output (4-20mA) :4-20mA module and pulsed output
Serial Cable (RS232) :Suitable for direct connection between Intergrator and PC over short distances 


Reporting: Daily and weekly reports with LOADRITE™ printer, productivity reporting software with LOADRITE™ reporting software, live streaming to external PC and PLC

Energy Monitoring :C-Series indicators can be connected to the motor of a crusher to provide information like energy consumption per tonnes produced.

True Productivity Solution: LOADRITE™ is the only developer of weighing systems that offer the integration of weighing data from wheel loaders, excavators and belt scales into the same database. Critical information for effective management and efficient site operation is available at your fingertips

Agile Construction: The scale frames have an agile design which makes it rugged and reliable. It consistently delivers highly accurate weighing data to ensure a productive operation

Durability: All hardware is put through a rigorous HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) regime to ensure that LOADRITE™ equipment is suitable for the rugged environment you work in


Plant & Conveyor Belt Reporting Software

The IM-SERIES INSIGHT reporting software helps to monitor key performance indicators in an easy and effective way. It forms the basis to manage a lean operation and increase productivity. Data collected from LOADRITE™ C-Series scale is transferred to a PC and presented in an easy to read and understandable format. It is suitable for sites with only one conveyor or sites with up to 20 conveyor belts and a range of products.

Reports for Printer

The function generates a useful summary report of information on the productivity of the system being monitored by the scale. Once per day and once per week the reports are automatically printed. This report can be used with the optional LOADRITE™ Printer

C2850 Data Sheet & Brochure

C2850 Data Sheet (pdf)


C-Series Brochure (pdf)