L-2150 Information


The L2150 is a high precision onboard loader scale, it offers accuracy and reliability with basic data functions.

By using multiple-point triggering, speed compensation and dual pressure measurement the L2150 offers high level weighing accuracy regardless of lift speed and loader movement. All you need to know is that trucks will be loaded to the right weight first time.

Data entry and logging features of the L2150 allow you to begin monitoring the efficiency and productivity of any front end loader operation, these features are not as extensive as those of the L2180.

Weighing Technology

Multi Point Weighing :Allows weighing on the move without slowing down the operator.
Speed Compensation :System automatically calculates lift speed and compensates to ensure an accurate weight.
Last bucket adjustment :Achieve exact truck weights using tip-off function to trim the final bucket added to each truck.
Lift quality alerts :Audible warning if loader bounce or speed fluctuations affect the accuracy of weighing.
Multiple attachment Support :Individual calibrations can be stored for two different attachments. 

Data Management

Product Totals :Monitor daily totals of ten individually named types of material.
Load information :Track each load by customer, truck number or job ID. Simple setup allows this to be configured to suit any operation using three data lists of up to 150 items.
On-board Reporting :Generate operational reports in cab with the LOADRITE™ Printer.
Auto Target :Operators can select the truck that is being loaded and the maximum load is automatically selected.
Data Logging :Capture load information for analysis by LOADRITE™ MMS™ software. Data can be transferred by a variety of methods including data module and radio modem. 

Operating Modes

Target loading :Eliminate mental arithmetic by counting down from the specified maximum load for a truck.
Split loading :Load truck and trailer combinations to their maximum capacity.
Over-target error alarm :Sounds if the bucket load will exceed the truck target.
Recall/Subtract function :Undo feature that handles operator error by allowing last added weight to be removed.
Auto Add :No distraction for the operator. Each load is automatically added to the total. 

Service & Support

Operator Training :Full operator training is provided at the time of installation. This ensures that maximum benefit from your investment from day one.
Full Warranty Coverage :Total coverage with a one year parts and service warranty.
Designed Tough :All LOADRITE™ products are subject to a rigorous testing program including temperature extremes of -90°C and +120°C and with all-axis random vibration over 40G.
Factory Certified distributors :Authorized LOADRITE™ service and support network delivers expert product knowledge and support on-site. 

L-2150 Brochure & L-2150 Data Sheet

L-Series Brochure (pdf)


L-2150 Data Sheet (pdf)