L-2180 Information

Regardless of the application, the challenge for site and fleet managers is the same: achieve maximum value from existing equipment by utilizing it in the most efficient manner.

The key to making effective decisions is having the right information available. The L2180™ from LOADRITE™ is more than just an onboard scale. It provides an easy way to capture information on your loading process right where it takes place – on the loader.

Accurate weighing is of course still vital. The L2180™ excels in this area too. It is designed to produce an accurate and consistent weight every time. Consistent weighing performance is just as important as accuracy to efficient loading operation.

Using proprietary FACT™ (Friction and Ambient Compensation Technology) software, the L2180™ onboard scale calculates an accurate weight, regardless of time of day, machine type, operator or temperature. FACT ensures you loadright every time.

The L2180™ can deliver real financial benefits for any wheel loader application. The extensive feature set can be easily configured to suit a wide range of industries. These include sand, stone & gravel, public works and waste & recycling.

The latest from industry leader LOADRITE™, the L2180™ is a premium loader scale with the flexibility and reliability demanded by today’s market. It is also the most popular scale in the LOADRITE™ product range and accounts for 70% of all installations worldwide.


Weighing Technology

Accuracy & Precision :Typical accuracy is between 0.3% and 1.0%. Proprietary FACT™ software compensates for machine and environmental changes that affect other hydraulic based weighing systems.
Ground Slope Compensation :Loading on ramps or sloping benches is no longer an obstacle for the operator.
Multi Point Weighing :Weight calculated multiple times during the lift cycle to ensure accurate weighing for any lift speed.
Last bucket adjustment :Achieve exact truck weights using active tip-off to trim the final bucket added to each truck.
Multiple attachment Support :Individual calibrations can be stored for up to five different attachments. Each can be individually named allowing operators to easily select the correct calibration. 

Data Management

Product Totals :Track Daily totals and bucket counts of up to 100 individually named types of material.
Load information :Track each load by customer, truck number or job ID. Simple setup allows this to be configured to suit any operation using five data lists of up to 1000 items.
Easy data selection :Auto completion, alphanumeric keypad and multi line display makes selecting data simple.
Data Reporting :Generate operational reports either in the cab with the LOADRITE™ Printer or with LOADRITE™ MMS™ software.
Operator Login :Control and monitor who loaded who has access to the scale with individual access code protection. 

Operating Modes

Target loading :Eliminate mental arithmetic by counting down from the specified maximum load for a truck.
Split loading :Load truck and trailer combinations to their maximum capacity.
Recall/Subtract function :Handle weight adjustments and operator error.
Load by volume :Weight to a volumetric measure for each product.
Programmable Output :Use sensor readings and calculations to indicate when specific events occur (for example overloading). 

Service & Support

Three year warranty :The L2180™ is backed by industry leading warranty because LOADRITE™ understands that down-time is money lost.
Full On-site Training :Full operator training is provided at the time of installation. This ensures maximum benefit from your investment from day one.
Designed Tough :All LOADRITE™ products are subject to a rigorous testing program including temperature extremes of -90°C and +120°C and with all-axis random vibration over 40G.
Factory Certified Distributors :Authorized LOADRITE™ service and support network delivers expert product knowledge and support on-site every time. 

L-Series Brochure & L-2180 Data Sheet

L-Series Brochure (pdf)


L-2180 Data Sheet (pdf)